Level 5 Lean: Best Practices in Leadership and Lean Thinking to Generate Consistently Superior Stakeholder Returns
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Level 5 Lean offers a unique approach to increasing enterprise value.

Our approach includes a combination of training the leadership team to think and act lean, and building capabilities from the shop floor through practical training to also think and act lean in executing daily tasks.

The purpose of lean thinking is to create value through eliminating waste and then reallocating productive resources to new value creating work. The outcome is a more efficient and cost effective business.

The process involves the practical application of the five principles of lean thinking:

  • Specifying value from the customers’ point of view;
  • Rigorous, objective measurement of value streams and eliminating as many non-value adding steps as possible;
  • While ensuring the remaining value-adding steps are sequenced to flow smoothly towards the customer;
  • Pulled at a rate which matches the customer demand; and
  • Always pursuing perfection through continuous improvement.

This unique approach is focused on successfully harnessing and increasing the existing enterprise knowledge to create an aligned, learning enterprise that over time can attract high performing staff, deliver increased job satisfaction and provide significant competitive advantage through leveraging human capital.

The application of best practice is effectively prioritised through a process of rigorous measurement, applying the theory of constraints, and introducing a ‘culture of discipline’ that focuses on making the enterprises physical assets sweat; thus creating a number of business options for management: 

  • Business growth using the existing asset base,
  • Additional new product development with existing resources,
  • Cost reduction and/or increased margins,
  • Growth in market share through increased capacity and/or price reduction,
  • New acquisitions, or diversification,
  • Investing in more training or equipment, or
  • Surviving on its own terms in difficult or adverse market conditions.

The principles used in the methodology applied are tried and tested, globally acceptable methodologies. Each intervention is tailored to ensure that these key principles are applied in such a way as to develop and transfer lean capabilities to the organisation, avoiding the pitfalls along the way.

The unique blend of qualification, cross industry, cross hierarchy and cross function experience, wisdom and ‘street smarts’ enables our team to deliver a dual pronged approach to organisational change; achieving results in both the ‘boardroom’ as well as on the ‘shopfloor’.